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Fangzhou Lin

Email: flin2 AT ; lin.fangzhou.p2 AT ; linfangzhou2018 AT

I am a visitng student at WPI VISLab supervised by Professor Ziming Zhang. I am also a PhD student at GSIS Tohoku University supervised by Yamada K.D. Before that, I got MS degree in GSIS from Tohoku University too.


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  2. Yamada KD, Baladram MS, Lin F, Progress in research on implementing machine consciousness, Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, 28(1):95-105, 2022. link
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  4. Lin F, Gao C, Yamada KD, An effective convolutional neural network for visualized understanding transboundary air pollution based on Himawari-8 satellite images, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2021, 19, 1-5. link
  5. Yamada KD, Lin F, Nakamura T, Developing a novel recurrent neural network architecture with fewer parameters and good learning performance, Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, 27(1):25-40, 2021. link

Preprint entries

  1. Xu, Y., Arai, S., Liu, D., Lin, F., & Kosuge, K. (2020). FPCC: Fast Point Cloud Clustering for Instance Segmentation. arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.14618. link